Kombi Electrica

What is Kombi Electrica?

Kombi Electrica is a project started by three best friends based out of Boulder, Co to build an electric VW Bus used to educate about our planet and teach sustainable practices in Latin America. We will share our story with the world and you are invited to join us.

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Our Goals

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Inspire the Next Generation

Climate change is the biggest threat we face, it is up to this generation to fix it. We will encourage the youth to take action and to be a part of the solution by identifying local sustainability efforts to meet environmental goals. Empowered youth will be a driving force of climate change solutions.  

Connect with Local Communities 

Along our journey, we want to share our environmental mission with local communities and everybody we encounter. We will learn from people along the way and share the stories of people who are committed towards making a positive environmental impact.


Travel Sustainably 

The Kombi Electrica is a respectful and responsible way to travel and enjoy nature. We will travel with integrity, reducing our environmental impact and being as sustainable as possible. We will reduce our footprint to the minimal and live a sustainable life. 


How it all began:

Three best friends from Chile dreamed about the trip of a lifetime; driving the Pacific Coast, looking for good surf while connecting with local communities. But we had an environmental dilemma due to the carbon footprint associated to a conventional combustion engine powered vehicle.

In search of a sustainable solution, the idea behind Kombi Electrica was born. Restore a old VW Bus, convert to 100% electric and make it livable for three people. Then embark on the trip of our dreams, while educating about climate change and sustainable practices.

We want to share our story to the world. We will document the entire trip; all our adventures, the people we will meet and produce quality media to showcase our mission and goals.

Meet The Team

Project director, funding director, and environmental educator

Project director, funding director, and environmental educator

Paul May

Paul is passionate about the outdoors and climate change. He is the face behind the project, he's in charge of the education and funding part of the trip. He is dedicated towards finding sustainable solutions and engaging with people to join the green revolution.  Paul recently graduated from CU Boulder with a BA in Environmental Studies and a Geology minor. 

Electric conversion director and trip mechanic

Electric conversion director and trip mechanic

Vincent Ohaco

Vincent is a problem solver, he is the mind behind the electric installation and bus conversion. His knowledge, creativity and experience working on vehicles will be essential in the building and maintenance of the Kombi Electrica. Vincent studied Racing Mechanics at Mech-Tech Institute (Orlando, Fl) and Automotive Mechanics in INACAP (Chile).

Filmer, photographer, editor, and social media director

Filmer, photographer, editor, and social media director

Benjamin Middleton

Benja is the digital genius of the group. He will document the trip and constantly upload content to social media. His skills behind lens and laptop are key to deliver high quality content. He is a creative-thrill seeking-environmentalist. Benja studied Event Management and Production at Universidad del Pacifico (Chile).