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Kombi Electrica is looking for sponsorship and partnership opportunities to fund our project. We want to collaborate with companies, organizations and individuals who share our environmental mission to educate about our planet and teach sustainable practices in Latin America.

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Sponsor us 

We are in the initial fundraising stages of our project. Every dollar and peso will help make this project a reality. 

We need your help to finance the building and electric conversion of Kombi Electrica. For this we are seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our values and drive to make the world a better place. 

Once the bus is ready, we will begin our journey to inspire the next generation of environmentalist and people who will fight for our planet.

Contact us:

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Follow us and share 

To solve the current climate crisis we are in, everybody needs to be a part of the solution. Help us inspire and educate about the most pertinent issue of our generation, climate change. 

Follow us on instagram, share our content, tell your friends and family, post our Indiegogo* and Kickstarter* campaigns on social media, help us get the word out.

We are determined to take immediate action  because we need to make change occur over the next 5 years not the next 50, our planet is at stake. 

*Coming Soon

Host us and give us a platform

Traveling from Colorado to Chile and down the Pacific Coast, we will discover amazing places and meet beautiful people. If you have any recommendations of thing we cant miss, please let us know.

We want to go to schools and meet with local communities to share our story and inspire climate action. We will go where people are already together, and share our mutual love for the environment. 

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